We Look At Everything...

Energy efficiency and cost-effective solutions are key to everything we do at APS Fluid Technologies.  

We endeavour to offer solutions that are supported both during the specification and commercial processes and also (most importantly) in our After-Sales. 

Digital integration is key to what we do - who wants stand-alone systems anymore?  We can integrate everything for you with "Real-Time" information as required.

We have strong relationships with our supply-chain and through transparency with our suppliers, we will go from strength-to-strength.  

Our Mission...

We strive to provide sustainable solutions for needs which are essential to human life.
We focus on the challenges our customers face
in sustainable cooling, food production, water treatment and waste water transport,
thereby enriching people's lives for all of our tomorrows.

Where we came from...

After 20+ years in the water and waste water market, our founder, Ian Cleary decided to build upon the lessons he has learned over the years.  Customer satisfaction is never easy, but it must be the goal to which we strive.

What we do...

APS Fluid Technologies provides many pumping solutions across the Municipal, Utilities, Industrial, Data Centre, Infrastructure, Food & Beverage and Semi Conductor sectors.
Our approach is one of knowledge-based solutions that offer best in practice processes, technology and systems for our customers. These services are provided from the perspective of protecting our natural resources while saving on raw materials and financial resources as a secondary but important benefit.